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Popular Roof Shingle Colors in 2022

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The most popular colors for shingles we’ve seen this year include: Light brown hues—sand, taupe, desert Dark brown hues—autumnal brown, tree bark, weathered wood Blue hues—denim, navy, sky, blue-green Green hues—forest, moss, hunter Off white hues—beige, stone, tan, khaki Some honorable mentions for 2021 include: Owens Corning Red Copper (shingle color of the year

Rain Gutter Clogging Problems

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Rain gutters do not work as designed for many reasons. The following information describes the main reasons for gutter clogging and their solutions. However, first we must describe rain gutters that do work properly, and why. Rain gutters that are the correct size for the roof they serve, have the proper number and placement of downspouts, are installed

Does Your Home Need Gutters?

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Those new to homeownership and home maintenance may question whether gutters are an absolutely vital component of their homes’ exteriors, or just some sort of decorative element. While it’s true that professionally installed gutters create a crisp, clean edge around your home’s roofline, their main purpose is far from mere adornment. Contractors install a gutter

Roof Paint or Roof Coating?

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Many people believe that roof paint and roof coating are the same things. In fact, there can be significant differences between the two products. Paint generally doesn’t offer the same level of protection that a roof coating does. When standard-issue paint is applied without a coating layer, the atmosphere can damage the paint in

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