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Are You Considering A Garage Addition

 Attached or Detached Garage?

If you are planning a new structure, versus merely adding on or renovating your current garage, the first consideration you should be making is whether you want an attached or detached garage. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. So, you should take these into consideration so that the completed project offers you the functionality that you desire.

Both an attached garage and a detached garage can provide a beautiful appearance and enhanced curb appeal to the exterior of your home. A garage addition is also one of the ways to add more space to your home.

Since a detached garage is a separate structure from the home, they create an opportunity to have a segregated space for a home business office or in-law quarters in an upstairs or finished attic space above. However, they can be less convenient since they are not connected to the home like an attached garage.

Since detached garages are separate structures, consisting of their own four exterior walls and foundation, they can end up being a more expensive addition than an attached garage of the same size and with the same features.

Additionally, if you do want a climate-controlled space, a detached garage will most likely need its own HVAC unit(s). Should you want a climate-controlled space in an attached garage, it may make sense for it to have its own HVAC unit as well.

Depending on the look you are going for, and how you want the space to function, a detached garage may be the right choice. In other situations, it may make more sense to opt for a garage addition attached to your existing home structure. An experienced contractor can help you to weigh these options and determine what will best meet your needs and work with your home and property.

How Many Bays Do You Want

Garages are used for a variety of different activities. While they are primarily a place to park vehicles out of the elements, garages also provide storage and workspaces for homeowners. Determine how much space you want, as well as the minimum amount of space that is needed.

Taking this approach will help you to achieve an end result that meets your desired goals for the space while keeping your project within your budget guidelines. Some homeowners will opt for a garage with an extra bay that provides room for “toys”, such as recreational vehicles, extra storage, or a shop and workbench.

There are plenty of useful ways to use a garage addition. You just need to consider how you want to use yours and make sure you’re planning to have enough space for it.

Will This Affect Your Driveway?

When planning the size, shape, and orientation of a new garage, consider how it will influence the way the rest of the property is used or laid out. For instance, will the new garage affect the current driveway? Or, will it create a need for the driveway to be altered? Do property boundaries allow for enough room to lay out a driveway in a specific way to be conveniently incorporated with the new garage structure?

For example, some homeowners may opt to have the doors of their garage on the side of the structure rather than on the front-facing the street. This can create a better aesthetic to the exterior of the home, but it’s necessary to have enough real estate to orient the garage in this way and still have room for a driveway that comes off the side of the home.

Additionally, a turn around spot is probably a good idea for driveways that are laid out in such a way, since backing out of a garage and a driveway with a 90-degree turn can be a pain. These options require space and they also may require additional budget, so it’s important to consider them when planning a garage addition.

Placement of Garage Entrances

Access is a big factor in achieving an efficient and functional garage. This is true whether you choose an attached or detached garage structure for your property. It is a good idea to include an outside entrance to your garage so you don’t have to rely on putting the overhead door up and down for pedestrian traffic.

Additionally, if your home does not currently have a garage, consider where you will add it and where the entrance from the garage to the home will be placed. Ideally, you can place the entrance in an area that is separated from the general traffic of the home.

Garage entrances that directly lead to a mudroom or another similar area help to keep homes free of dirt from shoes and the clutter of winter clothes and jackets during cold weather months. These are all important things to consider before planning a garage addition.

Garage additions create a versatile space that provides a great number of benefits to homeowners. They are an investment that pays dividends in terms of increasing a home’s value, curb appeal, and functionality. For this reason, they remain a popular home improvement choice of homeowners who are looking to invest in their property in such a way that creates convenience and a greater level of practicality.


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Author: Stratedia

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