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Winter Roofing Issues

By |2022-01-07T21:43:48+00:00January 7th, 2022|Spray Foam Insulation, Uncategorized|

The New England winter weather can be especially hard on your roof. With all of the snow, ice, freezing, and thawing can create several problems that may lead to costly roofing repairs if not adequately addressed. We have provided you with common roofing problems that you might face this winter season: Flashing Leaks: Flashings are

Social Signals & How Social Media Impacts Your SEO

By |2022-01-07T22:01:08+00:00January 7th, 2022|Spray Foam Insulation, Uncategorized|

Social signals are a webpage’s collective shares, likes and overall social media visibility as perceived by search engines. All of these activities help to contribute to a page’s organic search ranking and are seen as another form of citation, similar to backlinks. Over the last 2 decades social media has transitioned into more than just

Hinged Vs. Sliding Glass Doors

By |2022-01-07T22:00:16+00:00January 7th, 2022|Spray Foam Insulation, Uncategorized|

Hinged and sliding patio doors can offer you a functional and beautiful access point between your home and patio/ backyard. However each type of patio door has advantages and disadvantage that you need to consider. The differences that distinguish hinged and sliding types of patio doors are important to consider when considering a new

Roofing Myths

By |2021-12-08T08:55:35+00:00December 8th, 2021|Spray Foam Insulation, Uncategorized|

It is easy to believe roofing myths that people tell you. When there are home repairs needed, it seems like everyone you know is an expert. So how can you identify and avoid them, before they can cost you big time? Here are top five most common roofing myths and how to avoid them:

Why GAF Roofing?

By |2021-12-08T09:06:24+00:00December 8th, 2021|Spray Foam Insulation, Uncategorized|

What Sets GAF Shingles Apart? GAF turned the art of making roofing shingles into science through their Advanced Protection® shingle technology. Advanced technology, manufacturing and testing techniques are the secrets behind the robust quality of each roofing shingle. Unlike ordinary asphalt shingles, our GAF shingles utilize a proprietary orientation of glass fibers for maximum

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