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Benefits of Vinyl Siding

If you’re wondering if it’s right for your home, consider these six reasons why choosing vinyl siding can benefit you.

Truly Low Maintenance

Many materials claim to be low-maintenance, but vinyl really comes out on top. While other siding materials have a finish that’s applied to the surface, vinyl’s color penetrates throughout the material. This means the color won’t chip, peel or flake.

Fiber cement, wood and other siding types that rely on a surface finish can’t say the same thing. So no matter how long they claim their finish will last, you will still need to reapply it at least once over its lifetime. Vinyl won’t need it’s finish touched up for chips or flakes.

If you do happen to have some dirt, algae or other discoloration, it’s easily cleaned from the siding. That’s because vinyl isn’t porous; the dirt can’t penetrate its surface and, therefore, remains on top where it’s easy to wash it away. So any maintenance you do need to perform is going to be fast and easy.


Vinyl is a type of plastic, made of polyvinyl chloride, and, like other plastics, it’s unaffected by moisture or water. That makes it ideal for use in climates that experience a lot of rainfall. While wood siding may swell and warp with humidity, vinyl is completely unaffected by rain and humidity. It won’t swell, shrink, warp, rust or rot.

And because it doesn’t absorb water, it also won’t harbor or grow mold, either, further cutting down on your maintenance.


Vinyl also resists insect activity. While wood siding can be prone to termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wasps and other wood-boring insects, vinyl isn’t attractive to any of them. You won’t have to worry about wood-boring insects taking up residence in your exterior or rodents chewing holes in your siding to better access your home.

This helps make vinyl an ideal siding material for homes in rural and semi-rural settings where issues such as insects and rodents, along with mold, moss and algae, can ruin other siding types.

Multiple Options

Vinyl siding is a type of plastic, and like other plastics, it can be molded into any shape and infused with any color. When it comes to vinyl siding, this means it can be fashioned into the most popular siding colors and styles. This includes horizontal lap siding, shingles and more.

Vinyl siding can be found in a range of colors as well. And it doesn’t need painting before or after installation. Simply choose the color and style of siding you want for your home; the vinyl is ready to go.

The process used to form vinyl gives each piece a deep, cedar-look grain that’s highly realistic. Choose from any number of shades of tan, cream, blue, green or gray and pair it with vinyl or matching aluminum trim to complete the ideal look for your home.

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