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Can You Reroof During The Winter Months?

When ice and snow hit New England, then you can expect significant damage to commercial roofs. Some of these cases can be resolved with roof repairs, but some may call for roof replacements. Let’s look at how a commercial roof can be installed in winter.

Can You Put on a Roof in the Winter?

The short answer is yes. However, most roofing contractors perform roof replacements in the summer, so they have to take special care with roofing materials in the winter. For example, they have to store asphalt shingles in warm locations during the winter months. They also need to use nails and hand-tab adhesives to install shingles in cold weather to keep the shingles in place until the weather warms up. Overall, roofing contractors have to take special care with roofing materials so that cold temperatures and weather conditions don’t harm them during the installation process.

Should You Get a New Roof in the Winter?

Yes, you should, if needed. Why? A deteriorating roof could expose the rest of your building to freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions. While your contractor has to take safety precautions for their workers and their materials, they can still get the job done. Once they complete the installation, your commercial roof should be safe for the rest of the winter. Never hesitate to call your contractor when you have a roofing problem in the winter. Even if they have to muscle through tough weather conditions, a certified contractor always finds the right solution for your roof.

Superior Seamless Roofing

At Superior Seamless Roofing, we stand behind the very best commercial roofing systems, which is why we recommend ASTEC roofs to our commercial clients. As the only contractors in all of Connecticut authorized to install ASTEC roofing systems, we’re dedicated to equipping the United States with the best in commercial roofing as commercial roofing contractors.

Once you know the kind of roof coating you need for your application, you’ll want to find a brand or manufacturer that supplies quality roof coatings that provide your desired results. Our Expandothane  is another product we recommend produced by Dow Chemical offers high corrosion resistance, hail resistance, excellent physical properties, and waterproofs your roof. Contact the experienced team at Superior Seamless Roofing if you are considering waterproofing your roof. We’ll make honest recommendations that fit your buildings needs.

Author: Stratedia

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