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Living in an area that has long and intense winters, like New England, can be tough on roofs. So when your commercial building is in need a new roof, you can’t wait until the sunny and warm seasons. One big question we get is if an Elastomeric roof can be applied during the wintertime?

Well there are a few important weather conditions to consider before applying a roof coating system to your building in the winter and shoulder seasons. These requirements include:

  • Always check weather conditions before application and never apply if rain is anticipated within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Air temperatures should be at a minimum of 55˚F with temperatures expected to rise for the following 24 hours. This includes temperatures during nighttime.
  • Apply the roof coating system in the early morning, finishing early into the afternoon to allow for a minimum of four hours of sunlight for the coating or sealants to cure.

While weather conditions and temperature need to be ideal before application begins, it is also important to keep in mind:

  • Base and top coats need 8 to 24 hours to dry completely (this is dependent on weather conditions). No roof coating systems shall be applied if weather will not permit it to dry prior to exposure to precipitation or freezing.
  • Dew and fog can interfere with and damage coatings from properly curing.
  • Coatings must be stored between 40˚F – 90˚F. Do not leave coatings or sealants on the rooftop if temperatures are expected to drop below 45˚F.

If you are in need of an Elastomeric Roof contact Superior Seamless Solutions today!

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