Fall is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Roof

Did you just spend the summer putting off getting your new roof installed? Well lucky for you now’s the perfect time to bite the bullet! Fall roof installations are favored by most roofers, and for good reason. The busy, hot summer season is over, and you’re likely to get your re-roofing job scheduled whenever is most convenient for you, but that’s just the start.


Roof work isn’t easy, and it’s not made any easier by the blazing hot New England summers. Fall provides the perfect temps for roofers to work and those lower temps are also better for the roofing itself. Most experts agree that roofing is best installed at temperatures between 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, exactly the temps you start to see in the fall. Temps like these ensure that shingles don’t stick together, but still adhere firmly to your roof.


Fall temps actually make shingles a lot easier for roofers to work with. If it gets too cold, shingles will become brittle and easy to break, but if it’s too warm, they get sticky and are difficult to handle. Fall offers the absolute ideal temperature for installing roofs, ensuring roofers can get your project done on time and on budget.


Installing new shingles, or even a new roof, in the fall is a good idea because it provides shingles enough time to bond properly before the winter sets in. The weather’s still warm enough to facilitate proper bonding, insulating your roof, but not so cold that shingles don’t adhere properly. Installing in the fall ensures you have a healthy roof that seals out water, wind, and ice, and keeps your home warm and protected from the winter weather.


New England winters are especially tough on roofs because of the heavy snowfall, the freezing temps, and the high winds. The best way to keep your family dry and warm through the winter is to get your roof installed in the fall, before the bad weather hits. The last thing you want is for your roof to develop a leak midway through the winter—it’s hard to find roofers who work in the winter, and it’s hard for them to find a good day to do the repairs. Avoid roof damage in the winter by simply doing fall roof repairs.

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