Selecting the Right Finishes for Your New Kitchen

Choosing the finishes is part of the fun of a major kitchen remodeling project. After all, you can’t get involved in the type of grouting your building contractor uses or the way he plans the electrical work, and you likely wouldn’t want to, either, because that’s what you’re paying a professional to do for you. But when it comes to the parts you can see and which you’re going to enjoy as a family you want to make the best kitchen design choices that you can.

Here are some tips for making sure you select finishes that will work for your needs:

Bright (or Basic) Backsplashes

Currently a very hot item in all kitchen remodeling projects, a beautiful backsplash is more important than you might think. They actually serve a purpose by providing an easy-to-clean surface in one of the messiest parts of your kitchen but they can all improve the appearance of your kitchen as well. The backsplash is where splashes of grease and dirty water emanating from the stove or sink land up, and without a backsplash they’d hit your wall causing a mess.

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The backsplash has recently become something of a décor focal point, too, and whether you choose one just big enough for the area it serves or a ‘running backsplash’ that goes right around the kitchen, it can make a dramatic focal point to draw the eye.

Comparing Countertops

The counter tops are the most visible aspect of a kitchen, and the one visitors notice the most when they walk in.The material and colour you choose for the counter tops can either blend in to create a natural, balanced look, or be part of your personal statement.

Whether you’re tempted in the direction of granite, marble or the now-trendy wooden butcher’s block for your kitchen facelift, think about the impression you want to capture before you make your choice.

We recommend using a single material to achieve a consistent, clear atmosphere, but if it’s a contrast you’re after a slight colour or pattern variation can achieve this without sacrificing the flowing look.

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Choosing Cabinets

Cabinets are about more than just storage space. Because they hang at eye level they help to create the atmosphere of your kitchen, which is where today’s family spends much of its time, so appearances are important. In addition, you’ll need to take into account the following:

  • Style and size of the cabinets (open shelves, modern or traditional). Do you want deep drawers and pull-out pantry shelving that improves the functionality of your kitchen, or the ‘classy display’ of open shelves and glass-fronted cabinet doors? How high can you go, and how will you reach the top shelves?
  • Material composition of the outer frame, sides and doors. Solid wood gives you a sound, lasting investment although it costs more and is heavier to work with. Cheaper products may look just as good to start with but might not have the same lifespan.
  • Colour and coating – do you want base material to shine through, or do you prefer to paint or stain the cabinets using a variety of products and shades? Using a contrasting material or colour for the trim and molding can transform your plain kitchen into a thing of beauty.

Think about how your family is likely to use the kitchen and choose cabinets that complement your lifestyle the best.

Finding the Right Flooring

Remember when kitchen floors were either vinyl? Thankfully, those days are gone, and now you can choose from a wide range of ceramic tiles, laminate- or engineered hardwood floors, subway tiles or slate among others. Patterned floors hide the dirt better than plain ones do. Central vacuum outlets installed in the baseboards help to keep it clean, and radiant underfloor heating is their to keep your feet warm during the winter.

Once you have these chosen these items for your kitchen, you can move onto deciding whether or not to make that kitchen island double as a pub-style dining table, add extra storage inside a window seat or add matching appliances for that extra touch of class. Whatever your options are, our kitchen renovation specialists can help you understand whether they’re practical or not, and how to fit the look you want into your budget.


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