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How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

Use these tips to find a top-rated roofer:

  • Referrals from friends and family: Friends and neighbors who’ve had similar work done are your best source of referrals. Ask around and learn about their experiences with contractors before making your decision.
  • Talk to former clients: Get a feel for a contractor’s style and work ethic by talking to former clients. When interviewing contractors, ask for references, or take a look at their portfolio of roofing renovations.
  • Get estimates: You don’t have to hire the first roofing contractor you speak with—taking your time may actually save you a significant amount of money. Get estimates from several contractors and compare prices to help you find the right person for the job.
  • Ask for proof of liability and worker’s comp insurance: Make sure your chosen roofing contractor has all the essential safeguards in place. They should offer proof of liability insurance, along with worker’s comp insurance if they bring along a team.
  • Get details in writing: Be sure you understand the terms of your contract before you sign on the dotted line. Getting all details in writing will help you and your contractor stay on the same page throughout the project.
  • Constant Communication: Steady communication is the key to a positive roof installation experience. Communicating your wants, needs, and concerns to your contractor will ease the stress of your renovation process, and help make sure the end product is exactly to your specifications.

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Author: Stratedia

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