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How To Understand The Finding On Your Home Inspection

All home inspections are subjective, and no two inspectors will write an inspection report with the same terminology. If you’ve had a home inspection and the results seem alarming to you, there are some questions you need to consider before making a final purchase decision.

  1. Is the deficiency a code violation? All existing homes likely have some building code violations. This is because building codes are updated every few years. Building code enforcement only applies to new building construction or renovation projects that exceed cosmetic improvements.
  1. Is this a structural deficiency? A structural deficiency typically refers to the failure of a building component. This can include wood rot or other damage to foundations, framing, or subflooring. It can also include a repair that is not done using good building practices.
  1. Is this a safety hazard? A safety hazard is any condition that could cause harm to you or other people. This can include uneven walking surfaces, electrical shock hazards, and missing smoke detectors. These safety hazard notes are not necessarily an indication a repair is needed. It’s more so a “for your information” statement to alert you that the condition exists. These are generally labeled as “Safety Concerns”, “Improvements”, “Recommended Items”, or some similar variation in your home inspection report.
  1. Is this a cosmetic concern? Cosmetic concerns are typically referred to as non-structural defects that are a matter of taste or age. Wall and ceiling cracks are common items that reported in error.
  1. Does this aging system require an update now? All systems in a home have a limited lifespan. In a home inspection, a home inspector will typically cite the age of the system and if it is working properly on the day of the inspection. No one can predict when a repair or replacement will become necessary. I’ve seen water heaters 30 years old still be in good working order and I’ve seen heat pumps fail in as little as 6 years.
  1. Is the home priced accordingly for the condition of the house? This will vary widely based on where you live. The real estate appraiser’s role is to establish market value based on what similar homes in size and age range have sold for.

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