Is your metal roof is looking a little dirty? You probably want your metal roof to look its absolute best as it’s the statement piece of your home’s curb appeal. Now cleaning your metal rood goes beyond just aesthetics. Getting the dirt and leaves off of the roof can actually extend the longevity of your roof. By cleaning the roof periodically, you’re preventing dirt that is stuck to the roof from damaging the paint. By removing leaves, you’re preventing buildup in your gutters that can result in your roof system not working properly.

How To Clean A Metal Roof

  1. Remove Any Excess Leaves Or Debris From Roof: If there is any large debris on your roof, remove it either by hand or with a broom prior to starting the cleaning process so you have a clear surface to work with.
  2. Start At The Top Of Your Roof: When washing your roof, dirty runoff will drip downwards so you want to start at the top of your roof and work your way lower. Otherwise, when dirty water runs down the roof, it will be ruining the area below it that you just cleaned.
  3. Clean. Rinse. Repeat: Clean each panel with your cleaning product and brush. Once you are done, rinse it immediately with clean water until the water runs clear to prevent streaks. Then wipe the panel again with a cloth soaked in plain water.

Pressure Washing A Metal Roof

A different and faster cleaning approach you can take to clean a metal roof is using a pressure washer. However, you want to use caution with this method. A very high pressure can potentially damage the roof. Do not use more pressure than is needed. It is recommended to use a hot water pressure washer as the the heat is is more effective at breaking up debris as opposed to cold water.

How Often Should My Metal Roof Be Cleaned?

We recommend doing a thorough cleaning of your roof once a year. However, like with any other type of cleaning, the more you stay on top of it, the less daunting of a task it will be. The time it takes depends on the size of the roof and the method used, but cleaning should take about 3 hours.

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