There are many reasons why you should insulate an old house. A lot of houses before the 1960s do not have any kind of insulation. The reason is that energy costs were so low that people didn’t think they needed to save money on heating and cooling their house.

If you enjoy your house and want to feel more comfortable in the different seasons of the year then this is one of the best reasons to insulate your old house. An old house can be very cold and drafty in the winter and very hot and overbearing in the summer. The idea of being comfortable during the seasons gives you peace of mind knowing you will get full enjoyment from one season to the next.

To keep your house warm you need to stop the air from flowing out of your house. You can do this by adding insulation with a good “R” value. The R value represents the thickness of your insulation. Purchasing insulation with more thickness is going to keep more and more air from leaving the house.

The same with summertime do you notice how hot your attic is. The hot air has accumulated there because of the rising air. By keeping your attic cooler your whole house is going to stay cooler with the proper cooling system. Installing insulation in the walls of the old house will keep you much more comfortable in all seasons.

Another good reason to insulate your old house is to save you money on your energy costs. Keeping air from moving into and out of your house saves you money. In the summer you save by having insulation because this barrier blocks out any air coming through the walls, attic and other areas of the house. Having insulation keeps the temperature in your house at a more constant level. You therefore spend less money having the air conditioner not coming on as much leading to a savings in your utility costs.

People with old houses before 1960 didn’t have to worry about the changing energy costs that happened more in the Seventies. Today if you want to save money with your old house you’re going to need some insulation. There is just too much air going through your walls. Installing some installation is going to keep the exchange of inside and outside air to a minimum.

Another good reason to insulate your old house is to reduce the noise level that is coming from the outside. More peace and quiet while you are in your home can be a great reason to start adding some insulation. Adding insulation doesn’t mean tearing down your old inside walls, unless you’re changing the layout of the home. There is a way of adding the insulation from the outside of the house.

Making sure your old house has insulation in the attic. This is a great place to start since this is where the majority of the air escapes or comes into the house. Keeping up on your old home’s insulation can save you money and make you much more comfortable.
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