If you are thinking about buying or selling a home soon in East Lyme CT or anywhere else in New London County start the process off right by making sure it is inspected by a certified and trained CT home inspector.

Here are the main reasons to get a home inspection before you sign your name on the dotted line:

  1. Your biggest investment. Americans aren’t big savers. Instead of saving, we own homes. If you buy a money pit, you may find yourself underwater.
  2. Radon: Radon is a gas that rises from the ground and sometimes seeps into houses, causing health problems. Home inspectors perform advanced radon testing.
  3. Mold: Has the house your purchasing taken on water previously? The right combination of moisture, warmth and wood can produce mold in as little as 48 hours. Allergies and respiratory issues may follow.
  4. Termites: You may not see them but they could be hidden under siding or in studs chewing away at your investment
  5. Waste System: If you buy a house with a faulty septic or sewer system, it can cost alot of money to fix or replace. A certified home inspector can identify the poor performance.
  6. Lead paint: Lead paint is found in some homes built before 1978. If children eat lead paint chips it could cause severe health issues.  
  7. Fireplaces: Creosote can build up inside the fireplace after many years if the fireplace has not been properly maintained. A fireplace that has not been maintained could possibly cause a fire.
  8. Roof: Don’t spend a fortune on a house and then fork over thousands more when you discover the roof is no good.  A home inspector will get on the roof and into the attic, if it has one, to check the strength of the structure.

You guessed it. There are many more reasons you need a home inspection but we feel these are the top reasons. The next time your searching for home inspector near me or home inspector east lyme ct make sure to click or call on Anchor Home Inspection. We are a local certified home inspector in Waterford CT and the surrounding towns of New London County. Call today to set up your home inspection in New London CT.