Most people are familiar with certain parts of the roof, such as the shingles and the flashing. However, there’s more to a roofing system than those two parts. One of the lesser-known components is the soffit. What is a roof soffit and what does it do? Our roofing and siding experts have the answers.

What Is a Roof Soffit?

The soffit is the part that you see directly underneath a roof eaves. As a result, a roof without a overhang does not have a soffit. Depending on the roof’s style, a soffit can have a solid surface, a perforated one, or even a grill-like pattern. Some options also feature roof vents or even gutter downspouts.

The Purpose of a Roof Soffit

A soffit acts as a barrier to protect the underside of your roof’s eaves as well as provide attic ventilation. However, roofing services specialists say that a soffit also has a cosmetic purpose because it hides unsightly support beams. Last but not least, the soffit provides space for outdoor lighting around your home since it can house bulb sockets.

Soffit Care and Maintenance

Since soffit panels can be made of metal, wood or even PVC, keeping your roof’s soffit in good condition can vary greatly. In most cases, maintenance involves checking the soffit for signs of moisture damage or finding damaged panels so they can be replaced. These maintenance practices can be done along with your usual scheduled roof maintenance.

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