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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems

Standing seam metal systems are becoming and more and more used for roofing systems. This system features interlocking seams that connect the panels and gives the roof a more distinct appearance. Standing seam metal systems are also manufactured using a high-end steel or aluminum offering years of low-maintenance service life.

Attachment Methods


Clip-less standing systems are fastened through a pre-punched nailing flange. These flanges typically have repeating slots every 2-4” to facilitate attachment to the roofing deck, most often plywood.


Clipped systems consist of a clip that is integrated into the male/female panel legs and is then attached to the deck or purlins.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Concealed Fasteners

Concealed fasteners are one of the biggest advantages of standing seam roofing systems. In exposed fastener systems, the washer around the screw is made of neoprene material. Over time, sun can degrade the washer material and cause shrinking or cracking. When this phenomenon occurs, water can penetrate the building around the fastener/washer. The only correction for this is to back out all the screws and insert new oversized screws. Since there are no exposed screws with standing seam panel systems, they are considered a much more weather tight system.

Expansion/Contraction through Clip or Slotted Flange System

Standing seam systems allow for expansion/contraction through either a clip or slotted flange system. Steel expands in heat and contracts in cool temperatures and will literally move on the roof. Exposed fastener systems, while less expensive to install, do not allow for expansion and contraction. In longer panel runs, the screws can wallow out on exposed fastener systems and allow water to penetrate the building around the fastener. The clip in standing seam systems allows the panel to float from eave to ridge to accommodate the phenomena of expansion and contraction.


Aesthetics. Standing seam panels typically offer a taller and distinct vertical leg and fewer (if any) minor ribs in the center of the panel. This tall vertical leg can offer a nice shadow effect and the illusion of a flat pan in between the major ribs which many architects and building owners prefer.

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