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Take Advantage of Wasted Space

You may think of the average attic as a storage space for forgotten yearbooks, excess furniture you’re not quite ready to get rid of yet, and other objects you don’t need year-round access to. It’s time to switch that thinking! Your attic may be a treasure trove of unused space—you just have to bring it up to speed with the right renovations.

An attic remodel may help you increase the usable square footage of your home and enhance your home’s functionality. However, if you’re attempting an attic bedroom renovation, keep in mind the support structures and what can and cannot be moved within the space. Consult a professional when considering decisions about columns, framing, and walls.

Redoing your attic can help you make the most of every nook and cranny while adding living space to your home. Are you expecting a new addition? The space underneath your rafters may be just right for a little one’s nursery.

Attic Playroom Conversion

If you need some extra space for your children to run around and play, the attic may be the perfect place to create a colorful, kid-friendly wonderland.

Attic Bedroom Conversion

Need a place for guests to turn in at the end of the night? You may want to convert an attic to a loft bedroom to make use of otherwise wasted space.
To keep your attic bedroom at a comfortable temperature, consider installing insulation. The right insulation might also help you save on utility bills. Sometimes this means completely redoing the insulation, or you may be able to simply add to the existing insulation.

Attic Game Room Conversion

Do you need extra space for family bonding? Dust off that old Monopoly box: your attic may be the perfect solution for family game nights. An attic game room could also be a great place for gathering with friends, especially if you have the budget and space for a bar to mix up an Old Fashioned.

Attic Bathroom Conversion

Who wouldn’t want an extra bathroom in the house? One challenge when adding a bathroom to an attic is that you’ll have to think about new plumbing as well. The placement of your existing plumbing will likely determine the best way to structure your attic bathroom renovation, such as above the kitchen or bathroom on the floor below.

Attic Home Theater Conversion

Going to the movies can be expensive, so why not create your own at-home theater experience? If you have room for a projector and either a blank wall or screen, your attic might be a good space to convert into a home theater.

Attic Office Conversion

An attic office is a great addition for your property because it provides you with a room away from the main hubs of the house. With the right sound-dampening materials, you can relish in a quiet escape where you can focus and be productive. This is an especially practical idea if you work from home but don’t have a set workstation.

Attic Craft Room Conversion

Whether you’re trying to create an artistic space to let all of your ideas flourish or running your Etsy business from home, an attic craft room can give you the space you need to finish all of your Pinterest projects. For a multi-purpose craft room that any artist would enjoy, build enough attic storage to allow for easy access to all of your materials. Give yourself a general work station in the form of a large table that can fold away when not in use.


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Author: Stratedia

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