Freestanding outdoor decks

Freestanding decks, are also known as a floating or ground-level decks. These hug closer to grade than attached decks. This design is very versatile as you can build them alongside the house or anywhere within the yard.

Many municipalities don’t require building permits for outdoor deck designs less than a certain height above grade (often 30 inches) and not built over a basement or lower story. The deck area may not be part of an accessible route to either of these lower areas. The deck should still follow all applicable building codes.

Attached or fixed decks

Attached, or fixed, decks are more elaborate structures than freestanding decks. They may be taller, require special footings, use guards and handrails, and attach to the home with a ledger board. Because this deck design is complex, most homeowners will hire a contractor or other professional to build an attached deck.

Attached decks tend to better integrate with the home, when compared to freestanding decks. This allows the exterior to become an extension of the indoors and creates a flow between the inside and outside of the home. 

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