Wood siding is particularly vulnerable to pests. This ranges from woodpeckers searching for a meal to bugs to carpenter bees looking for refuge and sustenance. Termites will also tunnel their way through wood, as well as powder post beetles, severely limiting the protection your siding will offer. But it’s not just the wood siding that can fall victim – other siding products supported by underlying wood structures are also vulnerable.

To prevent pests from destroying your siding, then you should try using insecticides, or hot water running through a spray nozzle at 160 to 180 degrees. You can also use eco-friendly products on surrounding trees that might be the source of many pests to eradicate them without damaging the trees.


Siding is designed to keep moisture out. However when it is damaged, especially in ways you  don’t even notice, moisture becomes a serious issue, regardless of what type you have on your home. The telltale signs of moisture affecting your siding and your home is if you start to notice any warping and buckling.

Poor Maintenance

Even if your siding of choice was marketed as low maintenance, that doesn’t mean you can neglect it – you should still inspect the siding regularly, and especially after severe weather. Over time, the problems compound and you’ll eventually fall into an “emergency” situation. With a regular maintenance schedule with your siding contractor, you will catch the small stuff before it becomes a major issue.

It’s recommended to have an inspection on a yearly basis and after severe weather, especially those involving high winds.

Roof issues

While it might seem like a completely opposite topic, the quality of your roof impacts the stability of your siding. When your roof begins to fail, such as shingles that are wearing out and allowing moisture to get underneath and into the under layers, the moisture can also work its way to your siding, causing damage to the understructures. While your siding might look fine, a lot is going on underneath that can lead to major issues later.

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