What to Prioritize in a Home Remodel

These days we are spending a lot of time in our houses staying safe. I bet you are looking all over of things that need to be fixed or dreaming of upgrades to make. Struggling with where to start or trying to maintain a budget?  You have to consider the order of importance — which project do you need finished the soonest, and which can wait until the end? However, that can sometimes be difficult to figure out. Here are some tips to help give you plan where to start on your home remodeling projects.

Clean Up

Decluttering your home will give you a chance to see it a little more clearly although we understand it’s not always the most fun. Clutter can not only make the home look busy but it can also fog your mind, so that assessing your home and remodeling projects that need to be done feels overwhelming. Throw away or donate anything you no longer need and put everything you do need in its proper place. You may need to rearrange particular rooms to get a clearer picture of them. Cleaning may also make you more familiar with certain problems in your home, so that you can see what needs attention right away.

Get a Lay of the Land

Once everything’s been cleaned and decluttered you can take an honest look at your home. This is where you can consider your priorities. What remodeling projects need real repairs that will make an impactful difference on the function of your home? What remodeling projects are more about updating the cosmetics. As with anything else, you want to take on the deeper issues first and then work your way to the remodeling projects that are upgrades or dreams.

Prioritize Urgency

If you want to do a bathroom remodel and a room addition, but the bathroom remodel is needed to fix water damage and the room addition is something you want to do to update and add value to your home. Both projects are important and valid, but one is more important than the other. The safety of everyone in your home and the safety of your dwelling should come first. It also doesn’t make sense to invest in an addition that won’t add value to your home if you still have issues that will lessen that home value. When it comes to your remodeling projects, what’s first on your list? United We Stand is ready to get the job done!

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