Many homeowners tend to focus on the interior of their home and spend a pretty penny doing so. This includes things like redecorating to full on renovating entire rooms. Homeowners tend to put much more thought into what goes on inside our homes and not the exterior. So what about the exterior of the home? When was the last time it was given a facelift? How is the curb appeal? These are things that also require some focus. The interior of the home doesn’t have to fight off things like weather so projects and sometimes be all year long. But what about the exterior? When is the best time of year for installing new siding?

Siding replacement in warm climates vs. cold climates

Vinyl is most popular material homeowners select for their houses. Wood and fiber cement are the other popular materials, but vinyl tends to wins out due to cost considerations and the many shapes, sizes and colors manufacturers offer in vinyl.

Now with vinyl there are some installation factors that you have to take into account like the weather. Days that are scorching hot or freezing cold aren’t optimal for installing vinyl, as it is sensitive to high and low temperatures. Vinyl will actually expand in the extreme heat and contract in the frigid cold, which can compromise the installation and overall life of the product.

Moderate temperatures are the most optimal for installing vinyl siding, which means the optimal seasons are spring, early or late summer and fall. Of course, there are always breaks in the summer heat and winter cold when temperatures become are more moderate, so if you can work with your contractor and being flexible when they install your siding, you should also consider this as an option.

The benefits of siding installation in the winter

There are some definite advantages to having your siding installed in the winter. During this time many contractors aren’t as busy, which means you have convenience on your side in regard to when the project happens. Exterior projects also tend to take a toll on landscaping, but in the winter when everything is dormant you have less to worry about when it comes to your lawn.

If you’ve got kids in the house, the summer siding project might get in the way of the daily routine. However in the winter when the house is empty due to school and busy schedules a siding project might not be an inconvenience. Keep in mind that this project might derail your normal routine for a little bit so even though everyone is busy with their schedules things might be a little crazy during the project.

Finally, scheduling a winter siding project makes a lot of sense when it comes to your budget, as many contractors will offer reduced rates as business has slowed.

Prices are lower in late fall

If you’ve identified some finalists for material types for your siding project, then it’s time to start thinking about when you should schedule your contractor to install it. If you’ve extended yourself a bit on materials, you are probably looking to cut costs by finding some less expensive labor/professionals to install your siding.

Some homeowners will shoot for their siding project to occur in late fall, often because they can find better deals with contractors who find their projects diminishing, especially if you’re having an unseasonably cold fall.

Which types of home siding are best for hot climate?

Siding plays a very important role in protecting your home from those hot summer days. Fiber cement actually stands out as a highly effective material to protect your home from heat, as it is extremely durable and will not heat up like metal siding or warp like vinyl siding.

Furthermore, fiber cement will not bubble, peel or flake, which means you won’t have to schedule a paint job as often as you would with vinyl. Fiber cement is also easily installed over insulations, which means even during the hottest summer days, you home is going to be protected.

Other types of siding might fit your needs during the summer, but talk to your local trusted siding contractor and have them walk you through the options.

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