What Sets GAF Shingles Apart?

GAF turned the art of making roofing shingles into science through their Advanced Protection® shingle technology. Advanced technology, manufacturing and testing techniques are the secrets behind the robust quality of each roofing shingle.

Unlike ordinary asphalt shingles, our GAF shingles utilize a proprietary orientation of glass fibers for maximum strength and durability. The top part of the shingles is also optimized to provide better waterproofing performance.

Are GAF Shingles Eco-Friendly? 

Many people are shifting to sustainable building materials to help preserve the environment. Fortunately, our GAF shingles use less asphalt and limestone than conventional roofing. They can also be recycled for roadway and shingle construction. Get in touch with your local roofers to learn how asphalt shingle recycling programs work.

What Is Covered in the Warranty?

GAF has a total of three warranties for residential roofing shingles: Shingles and Accessories, System Plus, and the Golden Pledge® warranties. These warranty systems protect your roofing from material defects and include workmanship coverage (for higher warranty option). The Shingles and Accessories is the most basic, while the Golden Pledge warranty is the strongest.

Do GAF Shingles Have Color or Style Options?

Your roof is an important design element of your home, which is why getting the right roofing shingles is a must. Luckily, GAF offers a range of roofing products. Choose from the Timberline® and Lifetime Designer shingles, which come in many colors and styles.

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