Attic insulation has a whole host of benefits, from keeping you comfortable to decreasing those high energy bills.

How Attic Insulation Works

Attic insulation — though it can seem complicated — is really quite easy to understand. This type of insulation is installed to prevent the loss of up to 25% of cool and conditioned air that escapes through the attic. Here’s how it works, explained with four easy steps.

  1. First, our professional technicians will arrive at your home to make sure there’s a clear path to the attic.
  2. Next, we’ll go into the attic and look at the insulation that might already exist, including the type of insulation and how deep it is. This lets us figure out the best way to better your house’s energy efficiency with attic insulation.
  3. In the attic, there should be baffles and soffits. Baffles are like tunnels that let air flow to outside vents (called soffits) and then into your attic. We’ll first check to see if any baffles are incorrectly installed or missing. If they are, we’ll add them in between the cavities that connect to the soffits. This lets us encourage a sound ventilation system for the air to flow over the insulation.
  4. Finally, we’ll add our blown-in insulation until we reach a suitable depth (or R-value).

Because the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that homes have a particular depth of blow-in insulation in attics, we’ll check to make sure your insulation depth isn’t below the recommended level.

After attic insulation is installed, the magic happens.


Attic insulation can help increase efficiency within your home. In turn, it also decreases your energy bills and saves you money.

One of the most essential benefits of attic insulation is that it keeps your home comfortable year-round, not just in the summer, by limiting the heat flow.

With proper attic insulation, you can also decrease the formation of things like:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Ice dams
  • Icicles

What Happens If I Don’t Have Proper Attic Insulation?

If your home doesn’t have proper attic insulation, things are about to get hotter. A lack of insulation equates to a hotter household — especially in the summer — with much higher energy bills, thanks to the increased energy use.

Author: Stratedia