Energy Efficiency

Get Your Home Ready for Spring: Make Your Home Energy Efficient

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"Spring has sprung" they say. For many, this means great weather and finally being able to be outdoors more. For others, spring is the time of year for cleaning and home improvements, especially because the heat of summer is right around the corner. The more you get done when temperatures are mild, the less you'll have

The Three Most Important Things To Make Your Home More Comfortable

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One of the most expensive aspects of being a homeowner is spending money heating and cooling your home. It can sometimes be a grind and trying to find that perfect comfort level in your home. As we all know New England winters and summers can be very unpredictable. As homeowners we look for every

Investing In An Energy Efficient Retrofit Of Your Home

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Residential and commercial buildings consume over 40 percent of the overall energy usage in the United States. These buildings represent a big opportunity to reduce our nation’s overall energy usage as well as it dependence on foreign sources of energy. The good news is that often times these buildings can have an energy retrofit on their

What is Energy Efficiency?

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Energy costs keep rising, but homeowners still need the same things that take energy — washing machines, electric lights, heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. There are two ways to handle this problem: energy conservation and energy efficiency. Conservation and efficiency: What’s the difference? With energy conservation, your sweltering hot in the summer and