Skylight Benefits

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Rooftop windows and skylights can give a number of advantages to homeowners. They can increase the overall value (equity) of your home, and they can solve certain issues in stuffy, cold or dark rooms. Adding natural light (and solar heating) to your spaces The biggest benefit of skylights is how they let natural light

How Long Do Roof Coatings Last?

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Roof coatings last significantly longer than regular paint. The main reason behind this is that they’re quite thicker compared to regular roof paint. This promotes better adhesion to the roof material and therefore prolonged lifetime. Most roof coatings have a life expectancy of 5-10 years depending on the roofing material. Looking at a couple

What to Know About Shingle Roofing

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Shingles are cheaper, easier to install, and more durable. Because manufacturers can create shingles in bulk, they are typically cheaper than other roofing materials. They also require less training and expertise to install, which lowers the cost of labor. In addition to these benefits, asphalt shingle roofing has a long expected lifetime. Depending on

Warning Signs from your Roof

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Damaged Flashing Flashing is applied during a roof replacement to ensure watertight protection on all joints of your roof. As a result of compromised flashing, you may notice damaged or warped siding. Damaged flashing has the potential to welcome water underneath your shingles, and eventually into your home. Algae Growth Roof algae will appear

Pros To Building A Home

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Pros Of Building Total control: If you have a dream floor plan in mind in a particular location, then building a home will give you the control you’re seeking. Customizations: You can make the decisions when building the home, so it will reflect your tastes accordingly. No competing buyers: Once you buy the land, you won’t have to

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