At Connecticut Retrofit, we are true believers in the efficiency of ductless mini-split air conditioning systems. With air conditioning as one of the fastest growing markets within the HVAC industry in the United States, and the mini-split market growing by 221 percent over the last seven years, there must be some basis for this phenomenal growth. And there is!

Ductless mini-splits are more energy efficient and quieter than traditional air conditioning systems. They solve comfort issues where ducted solutions do not work, and they can cool or heat only the spaces that are occupied, without wasting energy in rooms that aren’t being used.

The northeast account for over 40 percent of the ductless mini-split market.States like Connecticut and Rhode Island have a large number of older homes where running ductwork for traditional central-air-conditioning systems can be challenging and expensive. There is no ductwork involved with a mini-split, and the largest hole that you will have to cut will be a 3-inch opening to the outside for the line set.

While cooling is the motivation for installing a ductless mini-split during the warm months, their heating capability should not be overlooked. These units work in reverse during the cold months, supplying supplemental heat.

CT Retrofit’s Energy Specialists are local, licensed and insured and participate in on-going training to outstanding service to our customers. Our professionals can assist clients with selection and sizing, determine the unit’s strength based on various factors, including how heavily sunlit the room may be, determine cooling and heating zones and can install both the indoor and outdoor unit(s).

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