When a winter storm hits, most homeowners understand the importance of shoveling snow and clearing ice from their exterior. However, many overlook the effects a storm can have on their furnace. Access to heat is essential during this time, and taking a few simple steps can help you keep your home safe and comfortable no matter what the conditions are outside.

How to Maintain Your Furnace Around Major Snowstorms

1. Schedule Service Beforehand

It’s important to schedule regular furnace maintenance each year to make sure your entire system is running properly. If you haven’t had a professional inspect yours this winter and you’re expecting a major storm, it’s wise to call before that weather actually hits. They can identify any potential problems and fix them before they lead to a malfunction when you need your furnace most. Additionally, winter storms can often lead to an influx of emergency calls, so you may be more likely to get timely service if you handle this early.

2. Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Close-up Of Electrician Hands Removing Battery From Smoke Detector

If snow or ice ends up blocking the exhaust pipes leading out of your home, carbon monoxide may not be able to escape properly, leading to a buildup indoors. This gas is odorless and harmful, so it’s essential to have a detector in place, so you know if there is a problem. Make sure you have one installed near your furnace, and make sure that it has access to power before any major storms. You should also check it on a regular basis just to be safe.

3. Remove Buildup From Vents

After the storm ends, go outside to check the exhaust pipes and vents. If there is any snow or ice buildup, even if it’s not completely blocked, clear those materials away so that air can flow freely. In addition to the exhaust, check the intake pipes as well, which are designed to filter the air inside to your furnace. If this is fully or partially blocked, your system won’t have the airflow it needs to distribute warm air throughout your home.

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