Are you looking for a quiet, efficient heating and air conditioning solution for your home, that can severely reduce your energy costs and quickly pay for itself? Then you’ll want to consider a ductless mini-split system from Connecticut Retrofit.

Ductless is a flexible and energy saving alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, window units and oil heat. So, what can a homeowner expect to pay for this modern and convenient home comfort system?
Ductless mini-split’s have been around for more than 50 years now, but have only been available in the U.S. for  over 30 years. 90% of households in China use ductless and 80% in Europe. However, misinformation and other factors have slowed the growth of ductless in the U.S. However, education and high energy savings have the government offering rebated and homeowners taking notice. And, it’s making ductless one of the fastest growing segments of the HVAC industry.

So, how much can you expect to pay to have a ductless system installed in your home. As you can assume, it depends. Installations typically cost anywhere from $2,900 to $20,000. The price of your system is determined by four things:

The size of the unit
• The type of unit
• The number of areas (or zones) being conditioned
• The degree of difficulty of the installation (How far the indoor and outdoor units are from each other, the construction of the outer wall to be drilled to carry the line sets, etc.)

Due to the flexibility of these systems there are multiple configuration possibilities that can slide your job from the lower end of the cost range to the highest. For example, are you trying to cool one room or a whole house? The amount of windows in the room can also be a factor. A ductless system, on its most basic level, consists of:


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Single Zone Installation

Professional installation of the most basic, or single zone, configuration (consisting of one wall unit and condenser) will cost around $2,800 to $4000. This layout is perfect for many kinds of applications like cooling or heating the air in a sun room, garage, attic, smaller homes and more.

A single ductless unit could be the perfect option for keeping your sun room comfortable all year long.

Multi-Zone Installation

Some homeowners will have one ductless unit installed in their home, while others install 3-5 units. It really depends on the layout of the home and what works best for the homeowner. A multi-zone system consisting of two indoor evaporator units typically run between $7500 and $8000. Up to four indoor wall units can connect to a single outdoor condenser, so a general principle in calculating the cost of more than one unit is to add $3000-$3500 to the initial $3500-$4000 for up to 4 units. After four, you’ll have to factor in the cost of an additional condenser.

Multi-zone ductless cost and estimates

Initially the cost of ductless heating and air conditioning can seem really high compared to buying a window unit. However, the benefits in energy efficiency will save you a lot in the long run. Since there are no ducts, you won’t lose energy, aka hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer, via duct work. Typical forced air systems experience duct losses equaling about 20% of energy consumption. They’re also less expensive to maintain than traditional systems. And, you can finance the project as well as a lot of rebates from the government and energy providers.

A multi-zone configuration comes with an additional energy saving benefit. The homeowner can control the temperature independently in each room an air handler is installed in. So, if you’re not using a room, you won’t have to keep it heated and cooled like the rest of the house.

Finally, you’ll need a qualified installer, like Connecticut Retrofit. If you’re interested in a ductless system for your home, give CT Retrofit a call at 860.238.3112 or click the button below to schedule an appointment.