How to Survive a New England Winter

New England weathers have always been pretty rough in comparison to the rest of the country. Not to mention this year we can expect the return of the Polar Vortex. With sub-zero temperatures on their way, it’s only natural to want to stay home and wait until warmer weather is upon us. Too bad many homeowners in New England don’t have a properly insulated home. Learn more about home insulation basics for winter weather and what to do if your home needs additional padding.

Proper insulation is crucial during the winter because…

Your heating bill goes through the roof.

And so is your heat. As you may know, heat rises and a poorly insulated attic may be the reason why you find yourself constantly upping your thermostat every winter. Homes in Massachusetts are legally required to have insulation, but builders don’t often go above and beyond the minimum requirements. Does your home feel drafty? Have you noticed that rooms with two or more outside-facing walls are colder than the rest of your home? Warm air may be leaking out of your home through cracks and gaps in your insulation without you even knowing.

Your home is more prone to ice dams after winter storms.

Long story short, ice dams are formed when the temperature of your roof is inconsistent. Imaging snow on the slope of your roof melts, only to trickle to the edge where the roof is colder, causing ice to form. Slabs of ice along your roofline can melt, risking running water making its way into your home, damaging walls, ceilings, and more. And while icicles make your home look like a winter wonderland, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t insulate your home better this winter.

Cracks may open up in your walls or ceilings.

What happens when you don’t insulate your attic properly? Water damage. Cracks can open up, causing structural damage, and quite possibly a nasty mold infestation.

My home needs insulation. What do I do next?

Superior Insulation services can help you! Our trained technicians will let you know:

  • Where your home needs insulation. Pro tip: if your attic needs it, try to get that addressed right away to avoid ice dams from forming.
  • What kind of insulation you need. Cellulose? Fiberglass? Blown or batt? Find out which type will work best for your home and insulation needs.
  • How much insulation you need. Not all areas of your home have the same insulation requirements. For example, your attic requires a much higher R-value than your outside walls.
  • How much it will cost. This depends on a variety of factors including the type and the amount needed.

Contact Connecticut Retrofit. When you call we will schedule you for a home consultation to perform an energy consultation and help you investigate and receive any applicable insulation rebates. Call us at 860.238.3112 or fill out the form below.

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