In today’s world, contractors face solid competition for their services. It’s not just about competing with other contractors in the same town or service anymore. These days, people are researching your services online. If you’re a contractor that has a large service area and is serving consumers at their home or business, ranking in top 3 Google local map pack is a must.

If Google recognizes that a specific search query has local purpose, the first search results feature three local businesses displayed as a pack, along with a map highlighting these businesses’ locations. This pack of local businesses is presented after any paid ads, and before the organic search results.

Identified as the “local pack,” this space displays three local businesses related to the search query they entered. Through the local pack, local stores are given a fighting chance to reach their local audience efficiently regardless of fierce competition from established online brands. The goal is to ensure that, when local people are searching Google for the products or services you provide, they see you – not the competition, be they online or offline.

Ranking in top 3 Google local map pack attracts a huge number of clicks to your website and a great number of potential calls or form submissions. Top positions on the search engine result pages receive a majority of the impressions and clicks, so ranking in these top positions can result in noteworthy traffic increases for your website.