The jobs conducted by Santor Electrical Contractors industrial and commercial electricians range from testing and maintaining current electrical equipment to understanding new technologies, such as bluetooth and wireless systems and other newly developed equipment.

So, what are the qualities of an excellent commercial or industrial electrician?

• Most importantly, an electrician working on projects in industrial and commercial sites is always well educated and studies to increase his or her skill set in specialized electrical machinery and commercial equipment.

• Quality industrial and commercial electricians are clear thinkers who can work in cramped, difficult conditions where large pieces of equipment require them to climb to great heights to get the job done right and on time.

• Even though our quality industrial and commercial electricians are highly specialized in their respective areas, they are still team players. Being a part of the Santor team is critical because it is crucial that these electricians are great communicators to not only their supervisors but also their customers. Without good communication skills, a productive, successful workplace will not be maintained. A huge component of this team is a quality industrial or commercial electrician.

• Industrial and commercial electricians are required to be flexible with their work hours because they are often required to troubleshoot problems that may arise outside of normal business hours in order to keep the business or plant running efficiently. Machinery does not always choose the most ideal time to be repaired, but a quality industrial or commercial electrician will always be ready to troubleshoot and make that repair to ensure equipment continues to run at its full potential.

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