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What Makes A Good Commercial Electrician?

By |2021-04-22T00:50:57+00:00October 21st, 2018|Commercial Electrical Contractor, Electrician, Emergency Electrician|

The jobs conducted by Santor Electrical Contractors industrial and commercial electricians range from testing and maintaining current electrical equipment to understanding new technologies, such as bluetooth and wireless systems and other newly developed equipment. So, what are the qualities of an excellent commercial or industrial electrician? • Most importantly, an electrician working on projects

Improve Office Lighting, Improve Employee Production

By |2018-07-07T21:10:30+00:00July 7th, 2018|Commercial Electrical Contractor, Polyurea Roofing, Silicone Roofing, Waterproof Roofing|

Many people don’t realize the effect that light has on us, but the truth is that humans are very sensitive to light. It is light and dark that determines our Circadian rhythms, and sets our body clock. That explains why having quality lighting in your office or commercial building is proven to affect productivity. If

New Construction Electrical Contractor

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Santor Electrical Contractors is your trusted choice for new construction projects when it comes to electrical wiring and installations in Connecticut. Our skilled electricians provide outstanding service in Windham, Norwich, Groton and surrounding areas. When you are building new homes in Connecticut and need an experienced and reliable electrician, look no further than Santor Electrical Contractors GROUND WORK: When

Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

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An energy-efficient home or building has become the goal of nearly every modern homeowner and business owner. Lower costs, higher performance—what’s not to love? Lighting upgrades are commonly listed as one of the quickest and simplest methods of improving home efficiency, and this is for good reason. Want to know what new energy-efficient lighting

Find The Best Commercial Electrical Contractor in CT

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The first step to choosing the right electrician is knowing what kind of service you require. Commercial electricians offer various services including emergency generator installations, build outs, LED Lighting, and high voltage wiring. Discuss the details of the project with your electrical contractor to make sure he fully understands what is required. It is

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