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Mix and Match Vinyl Siding Color Combinations

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Doing an exterior home makeover is a complex process and requires careful planning. The colors you choose are an expression of your home’s architecture, character, and surroundings. Some people simply do not know what color vinyl siding they want or do not know how to pair vinyl siding color combinations. Here are a few tips to help

Common Residential Roof Repairs

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Dealing with a leaky roof is not only frustrating but it can really interrupt your schedule. When you notice a stain on your ceiling during or after a rainstorm recently and then realization that you now have to do something about it has set in. If you don’t act quickly, the compounding damage to your

Renovation Ideas

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Does Your Home Need a Facelift? It’s a good time to consider whether your home is ready to face the year. Questions to ask include: How old will the structure be in 2016? Are there any signs of dampness, decay or deterioration – that you can see? When last did you have a professional inspection

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