Many businesses think that having a Facebook or other social media platforms is enough for their business. Who needs a website when you have all these social media platforms that also work as an advertisement channel? While social media platforms can help build a larger audience and can even help you carry out market research. However, having only a Facebook page should not replace your business website.

Here are some reasons why:

1. You Don’t Own Your Facebook Page

What happens if, one morning, Facebook decides that it won’t support businesses anymore? If your Facebook page were your sole online presence, all the clients and followers you built would likely disappear.

While it’s doubtful Facebook will stop supporting businesses, you don’t have any say in the changes Facebook chooses to implement.

However, with your website, you have total control over your websites’ appearance and features.

2. Facebook Has SEO Limitations

Think about it. Where do you go when looking for a business locally? Facebook or Google? The 3.5 billion daily queries on Google show that most people turn to search engines over social networks to find information.

A business website allows you to position yourself so people will find you when they make search queries concerning the products you sell or the services you provide. Even if you can easily compete with larger websites, you can optimize your site for local searches to attract an audience in your area.

3. A Website is More Credible

A business website is a badge of trust, and people only buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. So while it might be quicker to create a Facebook page, you would be able to command more authority and trust with a business website.

4. Attention is Fleeting on Facebook

Facebook is massively competitive. Having your business listed on Facebook means that you’re constantly fighting off competition from several other companies.

What’s more, you have to compete with your potential client’s Facebook friends. Many people find advertisements annoying, especially when they want to interact with friends, making them ignore your business posts or ads.

On the other hand, a business website ensures that you have a potential client’s full attention. So while you might do some legwork to get them over to your website, once they’re on your website, the chances of patronage are higher.

Now, we aren’t saying you shouldn’t have a Facebook page for your business. But, instead, your Facebook page and other social media should support your website—not replace it.


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