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Get the Most Out of Facebook for your Bar

How to use Facebook

Create a Facebook business page for your bar and share your best content. This include photos, videos and polls.

The aim is to build a community around your bar, so you get repeat customers.

Facebook’s organic reach has plummeted in recent years as shareholders have put more pressure on Zuckerberg to make more money. This means that if you share a post on Facebook, it won’t necessarily reach the newsfeeds of the people who like your page or their friend’s.

This doesn’t mean creating good content and posting isn’t worth it. Each person will still have a ‘page rank’ with your bar’s business page. This ‘page rank’ tells Facebook whether that person is interested in your content.

One like = 1 point
One comment = 2 points
One share = 3 points

This is roughly how your page rank with individuals is worked out. If someone keeps sharing, commenting and liking, then Facebook knows they’re interested.

This is why it’s so important to create amazing content that people will be engage with.

Via your Facebook page, you can also create Facebook ads to guaranteeing reaching a local target audience for your bar. It’s best to do this with a sales hook, such as 50% off a food bill.

Facebook’s audience

Facebook has a lot of users and pretty much everyone has an account. But that doesn’t mean everyone is checking their newsfeeds regularly or at all.

Facebook’s most engaged audience is now the 35+ bracket, so if your bar’s target audience is younger people, then Facebook won’t be your best platform.

If your bar wants 35+ people, then Facebook is a great option. That’s where your audience is hanging out and engaging with brands.

Facebook tips

1. Get your bar’s community involved and get them engaging with your posts. Think of content that is very inviting and easy to respond to, for example, ask your community to suggest what your signature cocktail should be. You could even create a competition around that.

2. In your post’s captions, ask engaging questions so it’s easy for people to reply. This will improve your page’s rank and reach more people.

3. Be consistent. Try and post at least every other day. If the content is awful, it’s better not to post it. Only share high quality content.

4. Use Facebook stories. Facebook reward pages that use their new Facebook story feature. Try and use this so you’re always in the hearts and minds of your customers.


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Author: Stratedia

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