How To Super Charge Your Social Signals

Social signals can help you significantly propel the reach and impact of your digital marketing campaigns – and they will also inadvertently help you rank higher in search engines.

Get Serious About Social Signals:

Now it is not the social activity that matters but what happens as a result of that activity. Here are two of the super-effective ways social signals can positively affect your SEO and significantly increase the reach and power of your content:

  1. The Social Proof: Did you know that 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends and family more than any other form of advertising? Social signals are the new social proof or social vote. Think about it – they add credibility to your content and highlight the value of your post. It’s that ‘must be smart’ effect – if others have given it the thumbs up you’re more likely to too. The more your post gets shared the more credibility it gains within your industry, increasing the likelihood of influencers sharing it and linking to it within their own content.
  2. The Link Factor: Links are a major driving factor for SEO. And because social signals result in increased online visibility, brand awareness and traffic there is a higher chance that articles with a positive social signal correlation will result in more inbound links and citations. In addition a significant amount of social shares can reflect the quality of a blog post (and portray the level of value it provides) convincing more people to view it and link to it within their own content.

How To Increase Your Social Signals:

Investigate the Psychology of Sharing:

Top Reasons Why People Share:

  • 84% share to Support a Cause
  • 78% share to Stay Connected
  • 69% share for Self Fulfillment
  • 68% share to Define Who They Are
  • 49% share for Entertainment

Choose the Prime Times

Thousands of social posts are shared every day. The content explosion we’ve experienced in recent years has meant that brands are increasingly struggling to get in front of the right people (sometimes even their own social media fans and followers). To stand the best chance of getting your content seen (and subsequently shared) brands must identify the best times to post.


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