In 2021 you might have noticed that Instagram virtually copied everything TikTok has to offer and we can expect even more of that in 2022. This is due to the platform wanting to grow in key areas- in particular with its video formats in order to maximize their content.

There are key themes that Instagram plans to focus on in 2022 and that is in Video and Control:

  • Videos: the key focus will be their Reels Feature
    • Due to the rise and fall of TikTok trends there has been an increased pressure for Instagram as they were once the leading platform for young people to connect. So Instagram has been trying to catch up to the other platform much like they did when Vine was created. This scramble to catch up haas left them with mixed results from a perceptual and usage standpoint.
    • In June Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that Reels had become the largest contributor to engagement growth on Instagram. This is due to the broader shift towards short-form video.
    • Implementation: You may have noticed that Reels clips are starting to become more integrated into your main Instagram feed. Also Instagram has started to automatically default shorter videos into Reels clips in order to expand the reach and exposure of Reels.
  • Messages: Instagram will also be looking to make messaging a bigger focus in the app, which has become a primary way that people connect online.
  • Transparency: The platform also wants to focus on providing more insight into “How Instagram Works”
    • This will likely come in the form of Instagram’s coming chronological feed toggle. This will allow users the capacity to easily switch to a reverse chronological post feed. However this won’t be a save-able option which means you’ll need to manually switch to the chronological feed every time you open the app)
    • It is not announced what other ways they plan on focusing on transparency but by the looks of it Instagram looks to implement, in an effort to give users more control over their experience

It should be noted that Instagram is far from a failing platform as they have more than 2 billion users and it is still a key connection for many. The eCommerce push is also igniting new behaviors and trends within the app.

There are plenty of ways for Instagram to remain relevant and strong – but whether becoming more like TikTok will help it maintain connection with younger audiences is unclear.


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