Everyday billions of people use Google to access information. They might be researching a topic, or looking up businesses for shopping, eating, and services. Whether they are shopping for a birthday gift, a car repair shop, or just trying to get a quick hot cup of coffee, people are searching for it! This is why Google is one of the most powerful advertising tools that a business can master. By using Google the right way, you can turn these search terms into real life sales that come directly from expert use of two marketing tools: Google Ads and Google My Business.

You may have noticed that Google Ads appear at the top and bottom of Google search pages and show up on site pages that are often related to a consumer’s keyword search terms. Then there is Google My Business and this is the profile that appears in the business listing section of either Google Search or Google Maps and contains essential information about the business. When used properly, these tools can boost foot traffic, online sales, and increase your overall brand recognition.

Google Ads is essentially a marketing tool that operates on a pay-per-click model, meaning the advertiser (you) pays for each impression, or click. Google Ads can be extremely useful because they tend to direct customers who are searching for similar products or services to your site.

There are several different facets to Google Ads that can help you grow your presence online. Here are the different ways you can market your business on Google ads include:

  • Shopping Ads – Google Shopping Ads display a product with your company name, price listed, a photo of the product, and a call to action.
  • PPC – Pay-per-click advertising is designed to drive google search traffic to your site. The reason is referred to as pay-per click is because the advertiser pays each time the ad is clicked.

If you are using Google Ads properly, then your business will receive more online engagement, reviews, and overall sales. You will need to us Google Ads properly in order to reach your target audience because if your ads fail to reach the target audience, then it is unlikely that you will see any change in overall engagement.


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